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| October 23, 2017

October 23, 2017 ( Balance – it is the one thing above all others we must achieve in order to live well. It is the secret to understanding life and the world around us. Just think about it – you can’t always press the accelerator in your car, you must also step on the brake from time to time. You cannot only breathe in, you must also breathe out. You cannot always work without taking time to rest – not if you want to keep on going. It is all about balance, and finding the right balance in life is no different. Balance is the underlying principle behind the saying, “To everything there is a season…” – the seasons change from one to another, but they always roll back around, keeping the world in balance.

When we live our lives in a manner that precludes balance, we will find ourselves manifesting illness, or having accidents as though we developed a certain clumsiness, and we can suffer from stress-related chronic conditions, anxiety or depression. We might find that we start to struggle at work or in our personal relationships, and if this goes on long enough, we could end up with life-changing results like the loss of that job or relationship. As busy and hectic as the world is today, anyone can find that their life has become unbalanced and they are out of sync.

The trick to recovery is realizing the imbalance and then taking the steps necessary to correct course. Some people turn to medication, others to physiological assistance, and others to worse methods of coping such as drugs or alcohol. The first can have some palliative positive effects, but usually the body becomes somewhat immune after a period of time and we are no longer feeling relief. The second can also bring some positive changes and relief depending on the individual and their physician. The third is disastrous and brings nothing but more imbalance and sometimes fatal results.

The only true method of regaining one’s balance is to turn inward and find what you need inside yourself to deal with what is making us run out of true – be out of balance within ourselves and with the world around us. There are many methods of this inward evaluation, some that are self-paced and taught and others that harness the power of those who can help guide us. That is the purpose behind Healing Pillars. Using a variety of techniques, both modern and ancient, Healing Pillars is all about showing you how to find the balance within yourself and then applying that balance to every facet of our lives. They are the leading reiki practitioners Melbourne has to offer.

When having undertaken the Healing Pillars’ energy healing courses Melbourne clients come to them for, they find that they are better able to deal with both inner and external stress. They find that they can see things through new eyes – different perspective, perhaps, and that difference is what allows them to heal themselves. The outcome of this process is a stronger inner being and a much stronger individual overall who has the stability to take life’s ups and downs while maintaining their equilibrium. Visit and see what they might be able to bring to your life.
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Healing Pillars offers you the energy healing courses Melbourne that you need to rebalance your life. Visit today to learn about their reiki practitioners Melbourne.

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