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| October 26, 2017

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October 26, 2017 ( you want to grow your moving company business? To make your business growth we came with some useful marketing tips which can help your company growth as well as generate own leads. Getting moving leads has always been about timing. Presently some of the moving companies are buying the leads from a moving leads services or getting by referral.

To make your way easy “Marketing” is introduced in which you can generate your own leads and increase your company revenue. Also now a day’s you can generate more leads from software for moving companies. You can track all the leads details by using moving software.

These following marketing tips will help your company growth,

1. Design a great company website:

This is the first step in the entire points. Most of the people are searching for the topmost moving company by online. For this, your first preference is your website and your website’s quote forms. People will judge you based on your content, offers, and overall image, then they’ll decide whether it is required to estimate or not.

Most important features of a good website-

• Your website should be simple, most of all- clear and things are required in that web page like About us, contact us, Services and advantages. Always keep your main menu less than 5 items. So, most important information deals/advantages are the one that makes the best impression. If a customer cannot see the information which they are searching for – then it doesn’t exist for them. Why we need estimate forms on our website? Because whenever customer visits your website they’ll enter their contact information for the further process, So basically it’ll help you to generate leads.

• Make sure your website design is mobile responsive so it’ll be displayed on the smartphone as well as iPhone because nowadays 50% visitors are using smartphones to access our website.

• Give complete contact information to your website, it’ll increase the chance of booking a customer. Most important field are: a phone number, multiple addresses, mailing address, for moving companies have to give their Department of Transportation Number and MC number as well as local state license number. Also, you can mention your privacy policy and terms of use pages.

2. Generate moving leads:

Many moving companies who want leads for their business, for this they will tie up with some of the lead generation company like Angie’s List, Home Advisor,, and Otherwise, you can go for software for Moving companies in which you can generate your own moving leads without spending any extra charges. If you are tied up with some leads generation company the biggest problem is that you are in competition with other movers to achieve the lead first.

Some useful tips,

• You should get online lead immediately after the user enters the details online. So, make sure your sales team be ready with taking/make a call.
• Make sure you need to sell on your first call itself. Be prepared with your questions you can ask about the move so that it’ll easy for you to understand main needs of the customer.
• Many moving companies are competing for the leads, some leads provider will split the leads to a 4 or 9 moving companies. So make sure that your leads are sent to a few moving companies.
• Most of the companies are using moving software to organized their business. Make sure you can import moving leads to moving software.

3. Be Social advertising:

Most of the moving companies don’t know about the power of social media. How it’ll be helpful for moving industry? Let’s see some of the tips to improve your social advertising,

• Spend some of the time create the facebook page, LinkedIn account, and Twitter account. In this process, companies can design their profile to sell – upload logo, background images, and compose advantages of using this company.

• Start writing blog. Sometimes your movers face most common issues, mistakes and questions they deal with the daily basis, let’s your team start writing the post about customer experience as well as most common questions that customer ask.

• Take advantage to participate in all the associations’ events, so it’ll be the boost to your website.

• You can start with exploring Google Adwords and Bings Ads.

4. Manage your Online Reputation:

In Moving industry, most important features is an online review. Before booking people will research about an online review, that to bigger moving jobs that require more attention. Make sure they’ll find great things about you online.

Two important steps need to take for your good review,

• You’re going to get written the review by clients. Those reviews will be about the quality of your work.
• Be sure to ask happy clients to leave their review on online.

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