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| November 29, 2017

November 29, 2017 (Powerhommebiz.net) Your college years are going to be the most exciting time in your life. Hence, you can enhance that experience and preserve your college memories with licensed collegiate pendants. This is one of the most popular ways for college students to express their pride for their alma mater and to elevate their everyday style.

Below is a list of the top licensed collegiate pendants that are determined based on the popularity of the school and the pride of the students for their own college:

Arizona State University

The Sun Devils is the official logo and mascot for the Arizona State University sports team. It is also the official logo that is used for students who order licensed collegiate pendants to show their pride for the Arizona State University.

Auburn University

The Auburn Tigers is the pride of Auburn University. Hence, college students who attend this school like to customize their college jewelry or pendant with the school’s famous mascot. Meanwhile, a few others simply opt for the school initials to represent their alma mater.

Baylor University

The Baylor University Bears has become the face of Baylor University in and outside of the campus. It is one of the top college sports teams and is therefore a popular choice of logo art for students who order custom collegiate jewelry.

Boston College

The Boston Eagles is one of the most popular logo art for students into licensed collegiate pendants. The custom pendants feature the Eagles logo while some students opt for the traditional Boston College initials engraved into their jewelry of choice.

Boston University

The Boston Terrier is the mascot for the Boston University sports team. Hence, students of Boston University sport this famous icon of their school inside or outside of the campus to show off their school pride.

California State University

Based in Fresno, California, the California State University is one of the most popular universities in the US. It is also one of the most popular choices for students opting to have their custom licensed collegiate pendants. The Bakersfield Roadrunners is the most common choice of logo art for students from this university.

Colorado State University

If you’re a student of the Colorado State University, you can use the State University Rams logo for customizing your jewelry, such as your pendant or key chain. It is a great way to let everyone know you’re from this university and to promote school pride in-campus!

Drexel University

The Drexel University Dragons is the symbol of the school, as well as the official mascot for its college sports team. Hence, the symbol of the dragon or a print of the university name is a top choice for customizing collegiate pendants among its students.

Florida A&M University

At the Florida A&M University, the Rattlers are the official logo/symbol for the college sports team. Hence, it is a great idea for a logo art if you want to support your school’s sports team or to enhance your college experience at Florida A&M University. You will be the envy of your college friends by wearing school merchandise!

George Mason University

The George Mason University Patriots is the official team name for the university’s sports teams. The popular logo of a star symbol (with or without the university name) is the logo of choice for students who want to show their support and love for their university!

Georgetown University

If you’re from Georgetown University, you must take a lot of pride in your school! You can show that off by sporting customized licensed collegiate pendant with the letter “G” or the logo art for the Georgetown University The Hoyas team bearing the face of a bulldog!

Georgia State University

This is another popular university in the US; hence, students love to customize the Panthers mascot symbol onto their collegiate pendant or keychain. The logo art designs range from the initials of the university name or the face of the college sports team’s Panther mascot!

Illinois State University

The Redbirds is the official team name for the Illinois State University sports team. Hence, students of this university take pride in showcasing the redbird logo art on their customized items, such as pendant, necklace, key chains, and even on their college rings.

Kansas State University

If you’re from the Kansas State University, you’re probably a die-hard Wildcats supporter. What better way to showcase your love for your school or the college sports team by customizing your own pendant with the Wildcats logo on it?

Miami University

If you want to take your love of your university to the next level, a good idea is to customize your accessories and jewelries bearing the university’s symbols. In this case, the official logo for Miami University is the “M” lettering or the Redhawks icon (the university’s official sports team).

Michigan State University

When it comes to college sports teams and symbols, the Spartans of the Michigan State University is one of the most popular in the college sports teams. Hence, MSU students love sporting their Spartans gear. If you want to take your support to the next level, you can also have the university’s logo art customized onto your pendant or key chain!

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Vegas represent! If you are from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, you can go all-out in styling your custom licensed collegiate pendant with your university name or symbol. The initials “UNLV” is enough to recognize your university when you are wearing your custom jewelry. Or, you can also pay homage to the college sports team by using the University of Nevada in Las Vegas Rebels symbol.

There are more iconic university and collegiate sports team logo art to consider if you want to take your school pride to the next level. However, this list is just a roundup of the most popular ones. Did your school or university make it to this list?

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