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| January 18, 2018

January 18, 2018 (PowerHomebiz.net) Competing on marketplaces likeAmazon, eBay, Flipcart and other top notch brands can seem like a David versus Goliath battle. Small sellers need a platform where they can easily manage their sells, inventories, discounts, prices and get benefit from them without competing with peak marketplaces.

The biggest way Bookcommerce helps your book inventory business is not just adjusting prices but in managing listings and sales. Bookcommerce is the best platform in marketplace integration. It pushes to all of the best marketplaces such as Amazon, ebay, Biblio, eCampus, Alibris, etc to sell and keeps your inventory in sync across them. Also Bookcommerce has good APIs and internal systems to integrate with.

Unique Features of Bookcommerce:

Powerful Repricing

Inventory Management

Order Management

Warehouse Management

In the collaboration with Bookcommerce, you will get enable to access the top e-commerce brands in the world.
Bookcommerce isn’t an application that you download. It’s provided in the form of Software as a Service – people in inventory management business access Bookcommerce through their browsers on any Internet-connected computer.

Bookcommerce influences the management of items and pricing and repricing as well as shipping. After shipping and payment comes analysis and adjustment,

Bookcommerce plays an important role in the process of ROI too. Bookcommerce allows sellers to see their monthly and quarterly sales figures across marketplaces so that you can calculate from which marketplace, you are getting highest business.

So what are you waiting for? Try the trial version Bookcommerce right now and after getting satisfactory results, market your online book shop in the top

marketplaces. You can contact us here for further assistance.

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