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| January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018 ( Online Transcription services are a dime a dozen but choosing the right service provider is crucial in saving money and energy. In order to save money, you need to consider a few steps. Organizations must bear with cheap transcription services yet without a compromise on quality. You can still be able to enjoy superior online transcription services and yet saves money. The course of action you need to undertake is elaborated below:

Clear Audio Quality paves the way for Cheap Transcription

The easiest way to save money is to opt for cheap audio transcription services by supplying them with high-quality audio and video recordings. Clear and crisp audio content can enable quick transcription at no extra cost and within the stipulated deadline. A good quality recording device and peaceful environment can deliver high-quality inputs for transcription despite the number of speakers. Eliminating noise from the background and other interruptions while recording can cut down on the cost incurred for unclear sections. Presenting an audio input that is clear and easy to understand can reduce the cost of transcription making it cheaper.

Style of Transcription

The usage of the transcript determines the formatting style. There are specialist transcription services with time stamping and strict verbatim. If you really want to save money in the process, it is advisable to stick to the right style of transcription despite opting for something fancy. For instance, court transcription calls for strict verbatim and time codes. This type of transcription is expensive and need a specialist to complete the task. Only those who require a specific style should opt for intelligent transcription services. Else stay out of it as it may burn a hole in your pocket.

File Formats for Cheap Audio Transcription

Sending audio and video files in digital format make it easier for uploading online. This can save on shipping cost. Moreover, non-digital files are difficult to transcribe as they need outdated equipment and it can turn out to be expensive. Hard copies are expensive because it takes time to export the document and reduce the size of the file to make it suitable for transcription purpose. Non-digital files are of poor quality and are often rough to transcribe. The audio content is hard to hear and can turn out to be expensive. In order to send files online, it is mandatory to record audio and video files digitally.

Turnaround Time

Again the cost of the online transcription is affected by the deadline. The narrower the deadline, the higher the transcription bills. Same day transcription and one-hour transcription are often expensive and need to be used only during emergency situations.

Multi-Speaker Files

Audio content with multiple speakers like group interviews or focus group discussion can be tough to transcribe and is often priced high. Multi-speaker files are not always expensive to transcribe; it is the recording quality that makes it tough for the transcriptionist. Maintaining professionalism while recording by avoiding serving food during the session can help to improve the audio quality to a great extent.

Selecting a cheap transcription service is safe if you know how to save money and at the same time maintaining quality standards.

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