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| January 23, 2018

January 23, 2018 ( In this rapid life, time is most important in everyone’s life. Everyone wants to do their work fast. In this fast-paced life, Microsoft has created an email application which is called Microsoft Outlook. Millions of people use Microsoft Outlook to manage their emails but that does not mean it is easy to use. Once you know how to use Microsoft Outlook in a simple and easy way you to become an outlook expert. Hence, there are few tips that can save your time and help you to do work in an efficient manner. You also research more informative Microsoft Outlook tips from Outlook mail help to enhance your knowledge.
Let us discuss top 10 Microsoft Outlook tips.

1.Organize emails into folders: An easy way to organize email in Outlook allows you to create folders. Once you create a folder, drag emails from your Inbox.

2. Flag Messages: It helps you to manage your mail. For example, if you marked some emails with flags, now you find these emails. The solution is to quickly filter the emails by a flag with the instant search feature.

3. Junk Unwanted Emails: If you confronted the problem with junk emails. You can do some specific tasks to block spam emails. Select an email from your mail list and then click on junk mail option. After selecting junk mail options the new window opens and specify which sender want to block as spam.

4. Time zones Setting: If you are working on two opposite time zones, once you schedule any meeting which is most important to know the time on the other side you avoid to setting up a meeting that might too late.Outlook can help you by showing two times zones swap at the same time.

5. Outlook’s handy Keyboard shortcuts: Microsoft Outlook has unique Keyboard shortcuts. So don’t waste your time on moving your mouse around menus. Most useful shortcuts are:
Ctrl+R: reply to mail
Alt+S: Send mail
Alt+R: Reply to all email
Ctrl+M: Send/receive all

6. Quick Notes: Outlook includes built-in sticky notes features. It’s interface to create a new note, which can be moved and positioned anywhere on the screen.

7. Use Email Templates: In Outlook, to save your time email templates feature is created. If you find that your mail messages are same or its repeated than you can use email template. Follow the steps:
Click File then save as.
Go to Outlook template.
For a new template, Go to New Items> More Items> choose form>User templates.

8. Encrypt emails: If you want to show that your email messages are really from you. Microsoft Outlook can provide cryptographically sign of your email. Anyone can encrypt the text and attachments so that only recipients who have shared the key can read them. To Set this, open the Trust Center Settings under options and click on Email Security. Then enable the digital signing and enable encryption. If you do not have digital Id then create and import digital Id. Digital Id which provides free email certificates.

9. Clean up Inbox: Through Outlook cleanup inbox feature, it quickly deletes the repeated messages from a folder or a conversation. This feature, select any of its option from the Clean Up drop-down in the delete group on the Home.

10. Embrace the Outlook web-based future: Outlook 2013 version and the other modern versions of the program shifts much of the email/contact information to a web-based view. It is accessible on any device. Microsoft announced new send email application for smartphones.
These Microsoft Outlook tips will be incredibly useful and help you.

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