Microsoft Surface Studio Promo Code: Your Biggest Digital Convertible Drawing Board!

| March 10, 2018

March 10, 2018 ( is not wrong to say that Microsoft does succeed in attracting iMac and MacBook’s users through the Surface studio. The Company is focusing on the transformation of Windows and PC’s from business-centric to stylish platforms to increase their students and creative professional’s buyers. The starting Studio configuration costs around $2,999 but features like processors, graphics, high-resolution Display, storage etc. makes the price look reasonable. Future drop in price can be taken advantage of through Surface Studio Promo Code.

Points to know before spending $2,999 on Surface Studio:-

The super-thin 28-inch touch screen of the Studio can be tilted from an upright or Desktop Mode to drafting/canvas table like state or Studio Mode. The thickness of the screen is just 0.44inch with all ports and components in a base (HWD- 1.26 by 8.66 by 9.84 inches).Compared to other all-in-one PC’s models like HP Envy 34 Curved, Microsoft Studio does not much of your workstation space and offers touch functionality.

A Surface Studio design is inspired by iMac but the convertible metal legs (attaching a screen with base) gives Studio a unique look. It comes with a counterbalanced gravity hinge that can stop at any point and helps Studio to switch between Desktop Mode and Studio Mode effortlessly, creating an ideal workstation for you. You can push the screen up and down seamlessly with one finger.

The aspect of 3:2 ratios in Studio Screen is chosen for the purpose. One inch on screen is equal to one inch in real life, thus giving artists similar physical work impact on a digital platform. The illustrators can enjoy 63 percent more pixels than a 4K television when working on a PixelSense Display (resolution of 4,500 by 3,000).

The Studio display supports the P3 and SRGB color gamut’s (swappable gamuts) and makes use of 10-bit color depth for incredibly vibrant and crisp picture quality. You do not have to worry about the fingerprints on screen (only visible in power off Mode) or dimness on screen (brightness is adjustable).

The Studio comes with a four USB 3.0 ports (all ports on the back of the base), a headset jack, a mini DisplayPort connection, an SD card reader, a wireless keyboard, and wireless mouse (connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0.)The starting price has been kept $2,999.00 but eligible students, staff, faculty can avail it for $2699.10.Future drop in prices can be explored through Microsoft Surface Studio promo code.

The Surface pen comes with an eraser- a customizable button on the other end has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity giving users much of a pen and paper experience while writing and editing For faster work in software like Bluebeam, Adobe Creative Cloud, users can simply click and hold Surface Dial to display a radial menu of creative tools. Windows Ink Workspace software for fast note-taking and drawing.

For Xbox controllers the Studio integrates 802.11ac Wi-Fi and wireless support, premium in-built Dolby Audio speakers enhances the audio quality, 5-megapixel cam for Windows Hello sign-in, and 1080p camera is for video chats.

A 5,400rpm hybrid hard drive storage is 1TB (the base and midrange models) and 2TB drive which makes computer boots very quickly.
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The all-in-one PC landscape has already shaken up by the introduction of the impressive Surface Studio Desktop. Like artists and illustrators, you can also own this adjustable 28-inch PixelSense Display with all other unique features through Microsoft Surface Studio Promo Code.


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